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Maldonado Myers LLP is a premier cross-border law firm with lawyers licensed to practice in both the United States and Mexico.We offer represent clients in the following practice areas: US-Mexico crossborder business litigation and arbitration, US-Mexico crossborder probate, obtaining evidence in Mexico for use in US-based litigation, enforcement of US judgments and arbitral awards in Mexico, Mexico litigation and Mexico real estate transactions

Mexico Real Estate

Mexico Real Estate

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Maldonado Myers LLP represents clients in real estate transactions throughout Mexico, and is well positioned to assist our clients with understanding the effects of Mexico law on their real estate interests.  We develop practical legal strategies for our clients' particular situations, and whether counseling clients through major transactions or offering legal advice on simple matters, our team of attorneys provides focused, personalized guidance to clients located on either side of the US-Mexico border on any Mexico real estate issue at hand.

Our real estate attorneys represents developers, investors, lenders, owner/occupants, and tenants of real estate, throughout Mexico, and in all aspects of real estate law.  

Our investor and developer clients are involved in such projects as commercial and residential developments in northern coastal Baja California, as well as office and industrial buildings in the Tijuana to Tecate corridor in Baja California.

Maldonado Myers LLP provides a full spectrum of expert services, from zoning, permits and acquisition, through financing, construction, leasing and sales, effectively and inventively bringing about successful solutions to all aspects of real estate transactions involving Mexico for our clients.