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Maldonado Myers LLP is a premier cross-border law firm with lawyers licensed to practice in both the United States and Mexico.We offer represent clients in the following practice areas: US-Mexico crossborder business litigation and arbitration, US-Mexico crossborder probate, obtaining evidence in Mexico for use in US-based litigation, enforcement of US judgments and arbitral awards in Mexico, Mexico litigation and Mexico real estate transactions

About us

About our firm

Maldonado Myers LLP is a California limited liability partnership. It is registered with the State Bar of California and is subject to the State Bar of California's Professional Rules of Conducts.

Maldonado Myers LLP is a successor of the law firms of Maldonado Law Group PC (formed in 2012), Maldonado & Markham LLP (formed in 2005) and Maldonado Leyva y Asociados S.C. (formed in 2003). 

We are effective, efficient and responsive lawyers who are bilingual in English and Spanish, primarily practicing U.S.-Mexico crossborder litigation and transactions in California and throughout Mexico.  We maintain offices in the United States in San Diego, California, as well as in Mexico in Tijuana, Baja California.

We recognize that not all cases should be billed on an hourly fee basis and we can, and often do, propose alternative fee arrangements such as flat fees, structured flat fees, hybrid flat fees plus reduced hourly fees, contingency fees, reverse contingency fees, hybrid reduced contingency fees plus reduced hourly fees, in addition to straight hourly fees. Our interests are truly driven by our client's best interests, and our reputation has been built on this.

We maintain professional liability coverage that exceeds the minimum required by California law. Having presence and a true practice in Mexico, we may be the only U.S. law firm with less than 1,000 lawyers that provides such specific coverage for legal work performed in Mexico.  This allows for in-house counsel from public companies to retain us without concern for Board of Directors approval.

Antonio Maldonado, a partner of Maldonado Myers LLP, is a dual-licensed attorney practicing law in the United States (in California and New York) and in all jurisdictions in Mexico.  Julian B. Myers, a partner of Maldonado Myers LLP, is also a dual-licensed attorney practicing law in the United States (California) and in all jurisdictions in Mexico. Mauricio Garcia, Homero Castañeda and Alexis J. Meraz are all licensed to practice law in Mexico and are bilingual in English and Spanish.

If you are interested in learning more about how our law firm can assist you with your specific matter, contact us today.